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If you are looking for free online credit card processing, Merchant Account Solutions has the answers for your business. You can easily support online or face-to-face sales with the line of products from Merchant Account Solutions. All the products, whether you use SmartSwipe or retail terminals, are free to all customers.

Online Transactions are Easier with Merchant Account Solutions.

The question of, How do I accept credit cards on my website? will no longer be an issue with Merchant Account Solutions. Merchant Account Solutions has a secure and cost-effective e-commerce terminal. This is the most reliable way to accept your online transactions.

The biggest asset of the e-commerce terminal is its versatility, as it can be integrated with 98 percent of all shopping carts. Your customers’ transactions will always be safe, thanks to the Secure Socket Layer technology. The transactions can be keyed in anywhere you have internet accessibility.

SmartSwipe Allows You to get More out of Your Smart Devices.

You have other options if you want to enjoy internet credit card processing. With the SmartSwipe solution, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a credit card terminal. This can be the perfect option for businesses who specialize in face-to-face sales, like hotels and restaurants.

You will not have better control of current transactions, but you can easily see previous orders from customers, thanks to the memos in history and cash transactions. You can also add pictures and special descriptions for products.

Whether your sales are handled face-to-face, or on the internet, free online credit card processing has never been simpler to get, thanks to Merchant Account Solutions. Merchant Account Solutions has helped businesses from all over the country answer their questions about credit cards. We will come up with a plan that suits your customers’ needs and budgets.

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